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American Author Advantage

With more than 20 years experience as the leading creator and host of author websites, we have learned a lot about refining, simplifying, and improving the services we offer our customers. Which is to say, we have learned even more about change.

Embracing change is just good business. Which is why we work so hard to help authors and publishers push their businesses forward and in the right direction. Which in the digital world, this means working agilely with constant and rapid change.

We are dedicated to creating the most up-to-date and easy to use technologies. We create websites and digital tools that maximize your reach, increase your brand awareness, and expand your site's exposure.

We want you to get back to writing -- let us do the heavy lifting on the technical end.

Thankfully, we have been very lucky with attracting a group of folks dedicated to making that happen. In fact, many of them were here when this business started and are still the ones answering the phones, taking your questions, and always looking for new ways to make American Author work better - for you.


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